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that "stranger," "down by law" and movies since were big hits in countries all over the world, and certainly in france where he's a god.... but in other places as well, enabled him to finance offshore. and that makes it a lot easier for somebody like him not to even have to be tempted to turn to hollywood. it's hard to find money here without strings attached, because everyone wants to have input into the film and that's not my style. so i've been lucky to find financing outside the u.s. "mystery train" was financed 100 percent from japan. it is kind of odd, although i feel m american "mystery train" was financed 100 percent from japan. only kind of coincidentally. hi, goodnight. goodnight. how may i help you? we would like most cheap room please, do you have? all our rooms for two people are the same rates. oh. (speaking japanese) i'sorry, that is too expensive. jarmusch's relationship with hollywood becomes almost more and more irrelevant. with each new picture he makes, hollywood becomes more aware that he's not interested in doing it their way, and that what he's doing is just something
composition of the earth's crust. so the behavior of rivers is controlled by physical laws and geologic processes that can be observed and understood. rivers do much more than drain water from the land and carry sediment to the sea. the evolution of a river exerts a powerful influence on the surface of the earth. in fact, much of the continental landscape, especially those areas where people live, was formed by the power of running water. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. captions copyright 1991 the corporation for community college television major funding for earth revealed was provided by the annenberg/cpb project. major funding for earth revealed was provided by... captioning made possible by southern california consortium a close look at the earth's intricate system of running water is a close look at the evolution of earth's landscape. as they continue to shape the land around us, rivers and streams leave behind evidence of their enduring power. unlike earthquakes and volcanoes, which can cause sudden change, running water works slowly, almost imperce
international- a religion for all peoples. moving on here again with the graphics, sharia- the islamic law- ethical dimension. now let's not lose track of our key theme here. we're talking about doctrine, ethics, and the social dimension, and of course, sharia, the ethical dimension drawn from the teachings of the qur'an, defines the social dimension in the islamic community. prayers- a lot- five times a day. and shortly, we'll here dr. ossie from the american islamic college describe the five times a day prayer, but this is very important. janet, jump in here, please. >> in houston smith's book, it said originally mohammed wanted the prayer 50 times a day. and moses said, i've got to talk with you- i know these people; you can't make it that many times. so they negotiated it down to five times a day. >> and a wonderful point, too, because we'll see in the mythic dimension- let's not forget our other dimensions that of course mohammed rose up, particularly in the al-aqsa mosque, he rose up from al-aqsa and went up into the seventh heaven and he spoke with moses, he spoke with jesus- these
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3